Experts for disaster management meet at PMR Expo

Experts for disaster management met at this years PMR Expo

The PMR Expo took place in Cologne as an industry meeting place for fire protection and disaster control. As a leading provider of siren warning systems, we were of course also on site with a stand. 

Siren warning system for oil fields in Algeria

Siren warning system for oil fields in Algeria

151 sirens from HÖRMANN warning systems were installed in the oil fields of the company Région de Transport Haoud el hamra (RTH), a subsidiary of SONTRACH in Algeria. The sirens of type ECN2400-D were specially adapted to the local requirements by the German market leader for siren warning systems.

Sirens are in Singapore the warning system of choice

In the island state of Singapore, electronic sirens have been the warning system of choice since 1993. Integrated into the public broadcasting service, they are at the very beginning of the warning chain with their alarm function.

Interview: Matthias Müllner zur Sirenenwarnung in Deutschland

Matthias Müllner, der Geschäftsführer von HÖRMANN Warnsysteme, im Interview zur Sirenenwarnung in Deutschland: "Wir benötigen einen vernünftigen Warn-Mix, der unterschiedliche Warnkanäle umfasst. Nur so kann die Bevölkerung in allen Lagen rechtzeitig gewarnt werden."

How to use sirens for flood warning

The city of Grimma, Germany, is currently often cited as a positive example of a mature flood warning system. After two flood disasters, those responsible reacted. In addition to a mechanical protection system, a warning system was set up to alert the public in case of floods.

The City of Ludwigshafen brings its siren network up to date

The City of Ludwigshafen brings its siren network up to date

HÖRMANN Warnsysteme GmbH has received an order from the city of Ludwigshafen to modernize its siren network, which until now has largely consisted of electromechanical sirens.

dam siren hydro power plant romania

The Romanian energy company Hidroelectrica relies on sirens from HÖRMANN warning systems to ensure dam safety

Reliable warning of the population of the dangers posed by the hydroelectric power plant dam.

Public warning system Haiti

HÖRMANN Warnsysteme built a Public Warning System for Haiti

Outdoor Sirens „made in Germany” warn and inform the public in case of natural disasters

Lukas Heerich and the Siren - "Rise / Fall" art installation

The beauty in functionality - Lukas Heerich and the Siren - "Rise / Fall" art installation




Teaser Interschutz postponed - digital exhibition folder and alternative consulting

INTERSCHUTZ postponed - HÖRMANN Warnsysteme provide alternatives

INTERSCHUTZ, the world's leading trade fair for fire brigades, rescue services, civil protection and safety has now been postponed for the second time and is not scheduled to take place again until 2022. HÖRMANN Warnsysteme will definitely be there. Until then, the new products and siren systems will be presented in a different setting, including a digital trade fair folder and an intensive online consulting, because the need for advice is greater than ever.

Ein Hoch auf die Sicherheit!

Die HÖRMANN Warnsysteme GmbH  installiert und wartet als Marktführer die meisten der in Deutschland installierten Sirenen.

Siren control center defies large fire in Swedish fire station

In mid-October, the fire station in Hörby, Sweden, was ablaze. Everything was destroyed. Only the siren control center, part of the nationwide population warning system, was still operational. The consistent implementation of the strict customer specifications by Hörmann Warnsysteme during the construction of the siren control center ensured that neither the PC with the siren control software nor the cabinet with the electronics were damaged by fire, ash and heat.

Neue Sirenensteuerung für TETRA Digitalfunk der BDBOS

Zehn Jahre Expertise in der Sirenensteuerung über TETRA stecken in der neuesten Generation des Sirenensteuerempfängers TSE902 der HÖRMANN Warnsysteme GmbH. Die Vorteile für die Feuerwehren: Niedrige laufende Kosten durch einen geringen Stromverbrauch und ein intelligentes Batteriemanagement, eine Unabhängigkeit in der Wahl des Funkgerätes sowie die Möglichkeit einer parallelen Auslösung über TETRA und andere Funknetze. Dies erlaubt den risikolosen Übergang von analogen oder digitalen unidirektionalen Funknetzen zum bidirektionalen TETRA Netz. Der TSE902 ist kompatibel zu vorhandenen Sirenen und darüber hinaus auch in industriellen oder kommunalen TETRA-Netzen einsetzbar.

HÖRMANN Warnsysteme keeps its electronic sirens safely on during the crisis

Covid-19 may partially paralyze the economy, but natural disasters do not prevent the virus. The need for electronic sirens from HÖRMANN Warnsysteme remains little affected by this crisis. The team of the siren pioneer continues to supply and support customers as before the crisis. After all, if sirens are needed, they must be delivered quickly and once they are installed, they must work. The bigger problem for the company is the shortage of staff.

Mobile Sirene „Mobela“ ist jetzt noch einfacher zu bedienen

Mit ihrer mobilen Sirene Mobela war die HÖRMANN Warnsysteme Vorreiter in Sachen mobiler Warnung und Information. Nun hat der Sirenenspezialist die Mobela 150-D weiter verbessert. Das neue Steuergerät der mobilen Sirene lässt sich nun noch wesentlich einfacher und intuitiver bedienen.

HÖRMANN Warnsysteme enters the Brazilian market

The Brazilian mine operator Vallourec has equipped its iron ore mine near the Brazilian town Brumadinho with a modern outdoor siren warning system from HÖRMANN Warnsysteme GmbH. The electronic sirens are designed to warn employees and the population in good time of dangers such as a possible dam breach. In January 2019, an accident in another mine in this area caused hundreds of people to die in a mudslide. The warning system is said to have failed. For this reason, Vallourec decided to use the electronic sirens from HÖRMANN Warnsysteme, which are installed in numerous countries around the world and known to be extremely reliable. For the German manufacturer, this was the first installation in Brazil.

Fire brigade Bozen enforces curfew with mobile siren since yesterday

Since yesterday, the municipality of Bolzano has been using a mobile siren from HÖRMANN warning systems to enforce the curfew on the population. They were not deterred by the horrific reports of thousands of dead and tens of infected people. The people had to be taken off the streets as quickly as possible. A mobile siren with announcement function was urgently needed. HÖRMANN Warnsysteme pulled out all the stops to deliver the siren to the South Tyrolean capital as quickly as possible.