Integration and central management of all security systems

The ability to identify risks, assess their potential impact and then take appropriate action is key to professional risk management. This is why in a security control centre, all information from individual security systems, such as intruder alarm systems, fire alarm systems, access control systems and video surveillance, converges and is displayed in a central location. For example, live images from surveillance cameras can be linked to the intruder alarm system. This is essential for efficient risk management that detects break-in and sabotage attempts quickly in order to prevent damage. A well-planned risk management system needs to provide an informative picture of the current situation in simple terms so that action can be taken quickly.

We have been designing and installing customised risk management systems based on the building management system GEMOS for many years. This solution stands out due to its modular design and the variety of available interfaces. This means that security systems from different manufacturers can be managed centrally without any difficulties.

Our services:

  • Design of integrated risk management solutions
  • Integration of existing security systems into the central monitoring concept
  • Installation of security control centres for building management
  • Maintenance and support