Reliable siren control in BOS radio networks

The decades-worth of experience at HÖRMANN Warnsysteme GmbH in the area of radio communication, sirens, siren control centres and accessories has also been incorporated into the development of the TSE and DSE siren remote control units.

Siren remote control units are telecontrol receivers for BOS radio networks that are specially developed for siren control. They enable secure and simple triggering of sirens through higher-level control centres. Depending on the design and the protocol used, the communication can be unidirectional or bidirectional. If used in two-way radio networks, such as BDBOS (TETRA) digital radio, monitoring and sending feedback to the responsible authorities is possible in addition to siren triggering.

Secure operation, protection against sabotage and ease of use are fundamental requirements that are implemented as a matter of course. The devices also stand out due to their robustness in the face of high-frequency or magnetic field radiation and their wide temperature range. Depending on the model, the device can operate independently of the mains via a rechargeable battery.

Requirements for siren remote control units

  • Robust design
  • Compatibility with network components from various manufacturers
  • Malfunctions due to overlapping frequency use need to be prevented
  • Protection against accidental alarm triggering and sabotage
  • Easy to maintain