Purposefully protect sensitive areas of your company

Access control systems are a form of preventive security technology. They not only protect people in the building, but also safeguard valuable business assets against industrial espionage or sabotage. The requirements are therefore multifaceted as different groups of people generally have different access rights and some areas may require special protection against unauthorised entry. In addition to this, escape routes still need to be accessible and passable in an emergency.

Our experts in security technology can draw on many years of experience in planning, installing and configuring access control systems. Every system is unique. We have a constant eye on the market and technical developments and this puts us in an excellent position to create the optimum system to meet your needs.

Our specialists in security technology in the field of access control work with products from well-established manufacturers such as Telenot, Honeywell and Maniagao & Henss.


Our services:

  • Planning, project management, installation, servicing and maintenance of an access concept using the “who, when, where” approach
  • Integration of escape routes and fire doors into the concept
  • Selection of compatible system components
  • Installation and configuration of access control systems
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