The economical solution: We are replacing mechanical sirens with modern technology 

Mechanical sirens, respectively motor-driven sirens have been reliably fulfilled their purpose for many years in the areas of civil defense and to alert fire brigades. However, this type of siren is technologically outdated and prone to faults. The most serious disadvantage compared to modern electronic sirens is that an electromechanical siren (motor-driven siren) cannot be used to sound an alert in the event of a power failure as it can only be operated directly with three-phase current. Replacement increases the reliability and is the most economical solution in terms of running costs.

We at HÖRMANN Warnsysteme are pioneers in the development and manufacturing of sirens in both technical fields. Therefore we have configured a complete system with an electronic siren as an alternative to and replacement for the electromechanical siren; it is specially tailored to alerting fire services. With this system, we are offering a cost-effective, future-proof, “out-of-the-box” solution in line with the current state of the art. For mechanical or motor-driven sirens that are used for public warning or in industry, our experts can develop individual solutions based on modern, electronic sirens.

Your advantages:

  • Cost-effective replacement of mechanical sirens
  • Reliable alarm system
  • Complete system for fire services
  • Experience from numerous projects