Our experts develop the optimum system concept for your siren network

Siren warning systems are rarely an off-the-peg solution. The specific requirements of each scenario are too unique for that. At HÖRMANN Warnsysteme GmbH, we have been developing and installing sirens to alert civilians, for warning systems in industrial facilities and for alerting fire services around the world for over 60 years. This makes us a trustworthy partner in the design your new warning system.  

Our individual system planning comprises five steps:

  1. Analysis of the local conditions and coverage requirements, taking into account the size of the area, the topography and the average environmental noise.
  2. Software-supported sound propagation prediction for possible siren locations based on all criteria that may influence sound propagation.
  3. Design of a complete, fail-safe system including siren types, number of sirens, type of central technology and taking any existing components such as sirens or control stations into account. 
  4. Concept check on site. In the last step, we compare theoretical assumptions with the local conditions and adapt the concept accordingly.
  5. Definition and integration of interfaces to existing customer systems.

This is how you get the optimum system to meet your requirements in accordance with our motto: on time, state-of-the-art, future-proof and reliable.

Your advantages:

  • Experience from over 50 years of siren development
  • Over 60,000 sirens installed in Germany alone
  • Software-supported planning for the most effective warning system
  • Global partnerships in over 40 sales regions
  • Practical test included