National and regional Siren Warning Systems

Public warning system in Bulgaria- sirens by HOERMANN

Bulgaria operates a national siren network with 870 electronic sirens. Regional and local sirens and their control centres are integrated into this network. The communication infrastructure for raising the alarm is based on fibre optics as well as Tetra and VHF. 


Mass warning system in Singapore - sirens by HOERMANN

HÖRMANN Warnsysteme not only installed approx. 300 sirens for this island nation, but our specialists also developed a special control software for the particular communication requirements in its decentralised infrastructure. Singapore has one of the most modern warning systems in the world. 


Mass warning in Sweden - sirens by HOERMANN

Sweden operates a national siren network. Planning, development and maintenance of the complete siren warning system have been performed by HÖRMANN Warnsysteme as part of a project including hardware and software development that has been ongoing since 1998.


Warning systems for cities and municipalities

The city of Bolzano operates a siren network with 30 ECN sirens via a central control centre. The sirens are used for warning civilians as well as for alerting fire services.

City of Bolzano

The city of Hamburg operates an extensive siren network with 134 sirens including various different types. System and site planning as well as installation, maintenance and sirens from HÖRMANN Warnsysteme. 

City of Hamburg

The city of Duisburg uses 67 high-performance ECN-D 1200 and ECN-D 2400 sirens with digital amplifiers to alert its citizens. The sirens are integrated into a BOS digital radio network. A connection was also established to an evacuation system for the neighbouring steel industry that comprises four other ECN-D sirens. 

City of Duisburg

Tsunami alert systems

The Pacific island nation of Vanuatu issues warnings to its population about imminent tsunamis using 19 ECN-D sirens via two control centres. 


The population of the Geiranger Fjord area is at risk of a tsunami due to potential rockfalls. 32 sirens from HÖRMANN Warnsysteme are used to protect civilians. 


Tsunami warning system with siren in Equador

182 solar-powered sirens, monitored by four regional and two central control centres, communicate via Ethernet, GPRS, satellite and radio and warn the population of the Manabi region in the event of imminent tsunamis. 


Flood warning for dams / flood warning systems

Dam sirens for hydropower plant in Croatia

More than 30 ECN-D sirens are used to alert civilians in the event of tidal waves in the Croatian Drava river. The hydropower plant operates several of its own control centres and has also established control options for the national emergency control centres. 

Hydropower plant in the Drava river

Dam safety in Spain: Dam sirens alert the public

In Spain, HÖRMANN sirens are installed at many dams to warn the population in case of floods and flood hazards.

Dam safety in Spain

Hidroelectrica alerts the public with 560 dam sirens in case of leakage or dam failure

With 560 sirens, controlled by 17 MCE Gateways, ensures Hidroelectrica S.A. the safety of the public along one of his hydro power plants. The sirens alert the public in case of a dam leakage or a controlled flooding.   

Dam safety in Romania

Sirens in industry

INEOS Oxide uses high-performance electronic sirens for indoor and outdoor use to issue warnings and provide information to its employees quickly. The PC-based control centre backed up by a second control centre. Communication takes place via a dedicated line and wirelessly. 

INEOS Antwerp

Aurubis AG operates a large copper works in Bulgaria. To ensure the safety of its employees, the world’s leading copper group relies on modern “made in Germany” electronic sirens from HÖRMANN Warnsysteme. 17 ECN-D sirens are wirelessly connected to two control centres and can be triggered in a matter of seconds if required. 


Novelis uses electronic sirens to alert the fire department and provide information in the event of an evacuation

At the Nachterstedt plant, Novelis Deutschland GmbH has relied on electronic sirens from HÖRMANN Warnsysteme for many years. The electronic sirens communicate via radio with the MCE siren control and are used to alert the factory fire brigade and to evacuate the production halls in the event of a fire or disaster.


Sirens for fire services

Electronic siren used by the fire service of Zwickau-Crossen

The city of Zwickau operates a complex alarm system with two uses. The siren network comprises 37 sirens from HÖRMANN Warnsysteme. The sirens were installed as part of a project funded by the Free State of Saxony in order to issue warnings to the population. Some sirens are also used to alert fire services. It is also possible to make announcements or play text messages. All sirens are wirelessly connected to a central control centre.

Zwickau-Crossen fire service

Eight high-performance electronic ECN-D 1200 sirens with digital amplifiers help to alert the fire service in the South Tyrolean city of Bruneck in the Puster Valley. The siren warning system is controlled via a PC in the control centre using CCCS operating software. Sirens and the control centre communicate via digital radio. Alternatively, the fire brigades can also trigger the sirens on site. 

Bruneck fire service

As part of a new siren network for the municipality of Großenhain, the fire services have replaced the old motor sirens with modern electronic ECN-D sirens.

Großenhain fire services

Mobile sirens used to alert civilians

The fire service in Bochum, Germany, operates four warning vehicles with MOBELA 150-D mobile sirens to alert the local population.

Bochum fire service

Security Technology

When it's about rescue boats for cruise ships, nobody can get past Hatecke GmbH. When it is about intrusion detection and fire alarm systems, the company trusts in the specialists for safety technology at HÖRMANN Warnsysteme GmbH in Stade.

Hatecke GmbH

The access control system in the timber port of Hamburg was planned and installed by the security technology division of HÖRMANN Warnsysteme GmbH in Stade.

Timber port Hamburg

Aluminium Oxid Stade GmbH produces over 1 million tonnes of aluminium oxide with more than 500 employees on a 55 ha site in Stade-Bützfleth. The video surveillance was planned and installed by the safety technology specialists at HÖRMANN Warnsysteme GmbH, Stade.

AOS Stade