Prompt alarms protect people and assets

Fire poses a major risk to people, assets and buildings. Fire alarm systems are used for fire prevention. The obligation to install a fire alarm system is written into building law. It can also be requested by a building inspector or insurance company. Fire alarm systems perform the following tasks:

  1. Discovering fires that are just starting
  2. Sending fire alarms to a permanently staffed location (control centre / fire department)
  3. Triggering alarms to evacuate buildings
  4. Activating fire control systems for lifts, extinguishing systems and smoke and heat extraction systems

Systems like these are an essential component of a fire protection concept and need to be planned specifically to meet the needs of the building in question. Future viability, easy adaptability to future extensions and low life cycle and maintenance costs also need to be considered.

We build fire alarm systems in accordance with building regulations as per DIN 14675 and, if applicable, insurance guidelines (VdS) in close consultation with our customers. We examine all the special features of the building that requires protection. With over 50 years of experience in the field of fire alarm systems, we are a trustworthy partner that you can rely on in every respect – in both straightforward environments and more challenging ones involving dust and fumes. 

Fire alarm systems installed by us are used in the following applications areas:

  • Industrial plants
  • Banks
  • Warehouses
  • Office buildings
  • Small businesses and individual office
Boatyard Hatecke

Our services:

  • Analysis of the scope of protection for individual zones (full protection, partial protection, protection of escape routes)
  • Planning protection and alarm zones
  • Location planning for smoke alarms and product selection
  • Definition of alarm zones
  • Creation of alarm plans
  • Design and programming of the fire alarm system control centre
  • Installation and maintenance of the entire fire alarm system

Our specialists in security technology have been working with products from renowned manufacturers ESSER and Detectomat for years.