Siren control centre – the individually configured core of every warning system

The central monitoring and control technology is the core of every siren warning system, regardless of whether you are dealing with a national siren network or individual sirens. A good warning system not only comprises optimum, high-performance end devices, but also seamlessly integrates into communication structures and operating concepts. The development of our control centre technology is based on the following premise: “As simple as possible and as flexible as necessary.” This has resulted in a small but distinguished range of sophisticated and powerful central hardware and software that covers all requirements and magnitudes of scalable warning systems.

For controlling and monitoring your siren warning systems, we can provide consoles with LCD displays and membrane keypads or an entire PC-supported control centre with a graphical, map-based user interface. These devices for controlling and monitoring siren networks are connected via MCE Management Control Equipment. This gateway based on an industrial PC is the heart of a siren warning system and manages all data and communication channels as a network node. By performing this function, it connects the siren communication network to the PC-supported control centre or the control console.

Control centre technology from HÖRMANN Warnsysteme – your advantages:

  1. Simple operation to prevent errors
  2. Security functions to prevent false alarms
  3. User prompting and technology that enables alarm triggering in seconds
  4. Reliability, simple integration
  5. Flexible scalability