MCE Gateway - communication technology for siren networks

The MCE Gateway developed by HÖRMANN Warnsysteme is the central element in the control and management of our electronic sirens in a siren system. As a communication interface, it is located between the sirens and the siren control center and communicates, for example, with our CCCS software for siren control centers or a RCS control panel. For the MCE gateway it is irrelevant whether one or more siren control centers control and monitor the sirens. Communication between the MCE Gateway and the sirens can be carried out via the usual channels such as analogue radio, TETRA digital radio, satellite, GPRS, Ethernet, satellite etc. In principle, however, the MCE Gateway will be adapted to the needs of the customer or his siren system.

Due to the flexible interfaces of the MCE Gateway, also external control centers can be integrated into the siren network. Often, this is necessary for large, heterogeneous warning systems or if the siren network is additionally monitored by an external control centre. In addition, the MCE Gateway can also be used as a network node in large siren networks.

A siren warning system can therefore also contain several MCE Gateways, which are connected in parallel for redundancy, for example, or are used at different hierarchical levels (national, regional, local). This type of configuration can be found, for example, in nationwide public warning systems with many sirens and several siren control centers, where it has proven itself in many applications. In small siren warning networks, on the other hand, often only one RCS control panel supplements the MCE Gateway.


Reliable and high-performance

  • Embedded industrial PC 
  • QNX® RTOS real-time multi-tasking operating system 



  • No moving parts such as fans or hard drives 
  • External and internal UPS can be used 



  • Flexible interfaces (RS232, GSM/GPRS, TCP/IP, radio, etc.) 
  • Free flexible digital I/O 
  • Scalable hardware
  • Flexible interface for connecting to external control centres
  • Modular software for simple modifications to meet special customer requests


Long-lasting and easy to maintain

  • 19" technology 
  • Feeder connections on the front, no swivel frame required

Product benefits:

  • Specially developed for medium-sized and large siren networks
  • Industrial PC with 19" technology
  • Adaptable software and scalable hardware
  • Many, flexible interfaces such as RS232, TCP/IP, radio, GSM/GPRS, fibre optic, satellite, digital I/O
  • Fail-safe
  • Long-lasting and easy to maintain
MCE Gateway - central hub in the siren network


MCE Siren control center Hoermann sirens

MCE Gateway data sheet