RCS panel – complete siren control from a single device

The RCS control panel is a small, independent control unit for complete siren control. It can be used as an independent control console or integrated into a control station as an addition to PC-supported siren management. During development, the focus was on intuitive and as simple as possible operation in combination with maximum functionality and a high level of protection against accidental alarm triggering. All operational system functions are available on the touch panel via self-explanatory buttons. Complicated menu navigation has been deliberately avoided. For systems with live voice announcements, there is the RCS-M version with an integrated microphone. 

For small siren networks or individual sirens, for example in industry or for fire stations, the RCS control panel is the optimum, cost-effective solution and can easily perform all its tasks as a stand-alone console. In large siren networks, the RCS control panel can be used in addition to our CCCS siren control software. It is used as a backup system for the CCCS siren control software or as an alternative, additional operating option. In complex warning systems with multiple network nodes, the MCE gateways are also supplemented at various sites with a local RCS siren control console.

Simple operation

  • Customer-specific buttons or icons for sirens
  • Status display via colour-coded icons (green, yellow, red)

Flexible and packed with features

  • Panel with resistive touch screen
  • Backlighting with automatic switch-off 
  • Display protection sheet for extreme ambient conditions
  • Alarm signals and voice texts possible 
  • RCS-M with microphone, dynamic compressor and push-to-talk button for live announcements

Secure and reliable

  • Password protection
  • Key switch for alarm activation 
  • 12 VDC/230 VAC supply, UPS (12 VDC) from MCE

Product benefits:

  • Simple installation and operation
  • Maintenance-free
  • Customer-specific control elements
  • Display in any language
  • Security functions such as password and key switch
  • Flexible scalability
  • Voice announcements possible
RCS siren control panel for warning systems