Mass warning systems – tailor-made siren warning systems ensure security

National civil protection concepts aim to alert the population in the event of military or terrorist attacks, natural disasters or industrial accidents. Due to climate change, the occurrence of storms, strong winds and floods is on the rise. Earthquakes affect many regions on earth. The political situation is becoming increasingly unstable. This is why many states are choosing to upgrade their infrastructure for alerting their civilians or starting to set up or expand their national warning systems. Disaster protection solutions like these are a complex combination of various surveillance and communication media that are usually monitored and controlled via multi-level control centres.

The purpose of a national warning system is to warn AND inform the population. The warning, also referred to as the alert, makes civilians aware of the imminent risk and should motivate them to turn on media such as the radio, etc. to get more information. Siren networks are an essential and effective way to alert the population quickly as mobile networks do not work everywhere and not everyone will have their mobile phone or a radio switched on. However, modern electronic sirens not only have the ability to warn, they can also inform thanks to their voice announcement function. This allows, for example, clear instructions to be given to civilians. Establishing a national siren network often takes several years and has stringent planning requirements.


Special requirements for national siren networks:

  • Risk potential varies from region to region
  • No uniform terrain conditions and climate zones
  • Highly and less densely populated areas
  • Areas that are well or less well connected to the power supply or communication infrastructure
  • Multi-level control infrastructures with regional and national centres
  • Scalable triggering of individual sirens via defined groups, up to all sirens in the country
  • Option to integrate private warning systems, for example, industrial properties, mines or dams
  • Can be integrated into national warning concepts, such as the German MoWas (Federal Modular Warning System)
  • Cost-effective to operate
  • Easy to maintain and long-lasting


HÖRMANN Warnsysteme is the pioneer when it comes to developing and manufacturing electronic sirens. HÖRMANN sirens made in Germany have been a reliable component of national mass warning systems around the world for many years. Our employees are experts in planning cost-effective, reliable and tailor-made siren networks for civil protection. As a manufacturer, we know our products inside out and also develop our own hardware and software. This puts us in the position to implement optimum warning systems anywhere in the world for any requirement together with our competent partners on site, and to maintain them too.

Your advantages:

  • Experience from installing over 60,000 sirens
  • Trained, competent partners on site
  • Global service network
  • Development of own hardware and software
  • Quality and innovation with “made in Germany” sirens
Why mass warning and notification systems still need sirens

Why mass warning and notification systems still need sirens

Outdoor warning sirens are an indispensable part of a mass warning system - despite modern communication technologies. Why this is the case is explained in this article published in IFF magazine.