Warning and notification with electronic sirens made in Germany – this has been our mission for over 60 years. We work tirelessly with innovative spirit, drive and uncompromising quality standards to provide optimum solutions to protect the population.

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Security technology - we plan, install and maintain your security system in the northern part of Germany

It starts with trust. It ends with the knowledge that everything has been done to the highest standard. 


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Public warning system Haiti
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HÖRMANN Warnsysteme built a Public Warning System for Haiti

Outdoor Sirens „made in Germany” warn and inform the public in case of natural disasters

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Lukas Heerich and the Siren - "Rise / Fall" art installation

The beauty in functionality - Lukas Heerich and the Siren - "Rise / Fall" art installation



Teaser Interschutz postponed - digital exhibition folder and alternative consulting
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INTERSCHUTZ postponed - HÖRMANN Warnsysteme provide alternatives

INTERSCHUTZ, the world's leading trade fair for fire brigades, rescue services, civil protection and ...