CCCS control and monitoring software for siren control centers provides a comprehensive overview

The CCCS siren control software is a complete siren control and monitoring system and therefore a key element of your PC-based siren control centre. This siren control software, which has been specially developed by HÖRMANN Warnsysteme – in collaboration with customers from civil protection – for monitoring and controlling siren warning systems, incorporates essential prerequisites for safe and fast operation: It is simple and intuitive to use. With the CCCS control and monitoring software for sirens, you have an overview of all the sirens in your warning system on a GIS-based map and can activate sirens quickly and reliably in an emergency. The software displays the system status of each individual siren and enables targeted activation of individual or multiple sirens in seconds. Various user groups with freely selectable authorization levels and sophisticated approval mechanisms offer maximum security and prevent alarms being triggered accidentally.


User interface

  • Map-based GIS interface
  • Simple menu navigation with pictograms or text
  • Intuitive thanks to “system-guides-the-user” strategy
  • Display can be in any language (NLS – Native Language Support)
  • Integrated online help


Map functions

  • Support for vector and grid map graphics
  • Fast image composition (< 2 seconds), regardless of zoom level
  • Zoom (fixed and free zooming) and pan functions
  • Ad hoc selection and grouping of sirens on the map using “click and draw”
  • Draw on the map using pre-configured shapes



  • Trigger siren alarms in seconds
  • Security when activating alarms, e.g. with a password, key switch or fingerprint
  • Trigger predefined voice texts
  • Direct voice announcements via microphone or from voice files



  • Sirens and control centre status are indicated using colour-coded icons
  • Direct access to status information and status history via the icons
  • Clear grouping of warning areas into “area icons”
  • Export and import of technical parameters for the sirens and control centre technology
  • Freely definable periodic activities


Report functions

  • Detailed, user-defined history and report functions
  • System status and history
  • System management
  • Alarm statistics with system-specific evaluation
  • Analysis and display of system faults

Product benefits

  • Simple and intuitive operation with graphical interface
  • Developed in collaboration with customers
  • Maximum protection against accidental alarm triggering
  • Trigger sirens in seconds
  • System status visible at all times
  • 24/7 system monitoring
  • Display can be in any language
  • Reporting and evaluation functions
  • Adjustable administration functions
  • Integrated database
Siren Control and Monitoring: System status with coloured icons according to the traffic light principle
Unique status display
Siren control and monitoring system for medium and large siren networks
Simple siren selection
PC-based Siren Control Software for monitoring electronic sirens
Details at a mouse click


CCCS siren operating software data sheet

CCCS siren operating software data sheet