Alerting and feedback in the BDBOS network

The new siren control receiver TSE902 was developed by HÖRMANN Warnsysteme especially for the TETRA digital radio network of the BDBOS. In contrast to analog radio or POCSAG digital radio, TETRA radio networks such as the BDBOS digital radio network offer the possibility of two-way communication between the alarm trigger and the siren. This means that sirens can not only be triggered easily, but feedback can also be sent to the responsible authorities about the triggering or the availability of the siren.

The functionality and interoperability of the TETRA siren control receiver TSE902 results not only from decades of experience, but also from the leading role of HÖRMANN in the specialist committees for the standardization of siren control in Germany. The TSE902 can replace unidirectional siren control receivers, but can also be used as a redundant trigger. The functionality is already integrated in our latest generation of sirens, the electronic siren ECN-D, and does not require any additional hardware.

TETRA siren control receiver TSE902

  • Alerting and reporting back in the (BDBOS) TETRA network
  • Meeting the latest standards
  • Flexibly configurable
  • Analog and digital I/Os for additional functionality 
  • Clock and parallel port control
  • Intelligent priority control
  • MoWaS ready
  • Low maintenance