Covid-19 may partially paralyze the economy, but natural disasters do not prevent the virus. The need for electronic sirens from HÖRMANN Warnsysteme remains little affected by this crisis. The team of the siren pioneer continues to supply and support customers as before the crisis. After all, if sirens are needed, they must be delivered quickly and once they are installed, they must work. The bigger problem for the company is the shortage of staff.

Disasters such as floods and inundations in Asia and South America with many dead and missing persons show how important it is to warn the population as early as possible. Even Covid-19 does not change this. On the contrary, the people in the endangered regions have been hit twice. In Asia, the monsoon repeatedly causes mudslides and turns small streams into torrential water masses. In South America, but also in other regions, the many dams pose a potential danger. A quick warning of the population protects lives here. Electronic sirens are an important part of this, as they are independent of electricity networks or the availability of Internet, TV or mobile phone signals. Accordingly, HÖRMANN Warnsysteme and its partners worldwide have continued to ensure the availability of electronic siren systems even during the crisis.

The international projects range from systems with several hundred sirens to individual sirens. But also in Germany, ongoing siren projects during the Covid-19 peak phase continued to be implemented without cutbacks, for example in Dortmund, Neuss or in the Aachen city region. In Europe, Covid-19 has even led to an increased demand for mobile sirens. "These are mounted on vehicles and have been and are used to inform the population of the initial restrictions and distance rules," says Matthias Müllner, one of the two Managing Directors of HÖRMANN Warnsysteme GmbH. "Of course we had to deliver quickly here, crisis or no crisis." Accordingly, short-time work was never an issue for the employees of HÖRMANN Warnsysteme. "Our problem is not the crisis, but the lack of skilled employees," says co-managing director Johannes Antoni. While other companies are considering layoffs, HÖRMANN Warnsysteme is urgently seeking new staff.