HÖRMANN and the rhombus - the rhombus in the logo has accompanied the HÖRMANN company for decades. Have you ever wondered what the HÖRMANN rhombus means?

Our rhombus is the symbol for sound waves generated by our sirens. It has symbolised the history and origins of our company almost unchanged for years. In 1955, Dipl. Ing. Hans Hörmann started as a sole trader with the repair and installation of lightning conductors and earthing systems. It did not take long before the installation and maintenance of air-raid sirens followed. In the course of this, the idea was developed to visualise the siren in a logo. This was the birth of the iconic sound wave as a logo.

Even though, including HÖRMANN Warnsysteme GmbH, 27 companies and almost 3000 employees now belong to the HÖRMANN Group - it all began with sirens over 65 years ago. This is exactly what the rhombus reflects.