Sirens are the warning tool of choice

In the island state of Singapore, electronic sirens have been the warning tool of choice since 1993. Integrated into the public broadcasting service, they are at the very beginning of the warning chain with their alarm function. Due to the nationwide availability of electronic sirens, the best possible publicity is sought. At the same time, the city-state attaches great importance to ensuring that citizens know how to behave when the electronic sirens wail. To raise public awareness, the electronic sirens are tested according to a fixed schedule (on the first of every month, on Total Defense Day, on Singapore Civil Defense Day and also on National Day). In addition to the siren alarm, one of three signals will also sound on mobile phones that are switched on - provided they are not silent or set to vibrate. Afterwards, the population is asked to inform themselves via TV or radio.

Almost 30 years ago, HÖRMANN Warnsysteme planned, produced and installed the nationwide siren warning system for Singapore and continues to maintain it to ensure its unrestricted availability. Since then, the German company has been the siren partner for the civil defense authority in Singapore. The 240 electronic sirens of various power types of the ECN series from the early days have now been in reliable use for almost 30 years. This is where the robust technology and the well thought-out design concept, which stands for high reliability and longevity, become apparent. The system has been modernized and adapted to new requirements by HÖRMANN Warnsysteme over the years. Currently, around 300 ECN series electronic sirens are installed and in operation. They can be triggered by several control centers via dedicated lines and radio; the automated and permanent monitoring of the technical operating status of each individual electronic siren is ensured via these communication facilities.