Bad Reichenhall is a large German district town and a spa resort in the Upper Bavarian Alps. Disaster control takes a high priority. To warn the population, the warning system consisting of two sirens was therefore expanded as part of the federal government's siren promotion programme. The aim was to warn the population as effectively as possible with as few sirens as possible. 

The location of the city in the mountains influences the sound propagation, which is why
an accurate sound propagation forecast was made in advance. Another special feature is the installation of the four new sirens on 20m high masts. In addition to analogue triggering, the siren warning system is integrated into the TETRA BOS digital radio network of the federal government. The control centre is thus able to trigger the sirens via both routes. Alternatively, local triggering directly at the siren is possible.

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Bad Reichenhall digitalisiert sein Sirenenwarnsystem