Looking back at 2022 - significantly more sirens are now sounding in Germany

The beginning of the year is a good time to look back at the past year. For us as a leading manufacturer of siren warning systems, the German-wide Warning Day in December 2022 was a particularly important event. Would the increased efforts of the federal and state governments to expand population warning bear fruit? What is the status of the outdoor siren in the warning mix? Our impression, also supported by the broad media response, was a positive one. There are significantly more outdoor sirens these days. Where warning sirens can already be controlled and triggered digitally, they could be heard on Warning Day, for example in Saarbrücken and Hamburg and many other cities and communities. In 2023, the expansion of the Germany-wide siren network will continue. This not only involves the installation of new electronic sirens, but also the integration of sirens into the federal government's BOS digital radio network. This will create the technical conditions for the Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Management (abbreviated to BBK) to trigger the outdoor sirens via the Modular Warning System of the Federation (MoWaS). Therefore we are looking forward to the next Warning Day - on which more sirens will surely sound.  

More outdoor warning sirens sound in Germany since 2022