The German government wanted to know exactly and accompanied the country-wide Warning Day 2023 with an online survey. According to the survey, 97% of the population was reached, which is more than the year before. At 54%, more than half also heard the sirens, which are an important part of the warning device mix in the country. 

Only sirens that are connected to the municipal control centres can also be triggered centrally. This is not the case with all sirens, which is why not everywhere sirens are installed, they have also sounded. In Germany, responsibility for the sirens lies with the cities and municipalities. They are currently investing more in the expansion and modernisation of their siren networks. That is why the sirens were heard much more often than in the previous year.

With the modernisation and digitalisation of the sirens and their integration into the BOS digital radio network, which is now progressing faster thanks to the funding programmes of the federal government and individual states, the sirens will in future also be able to be triggered centrally via the Modular Warning System of the Federal Government (MoWaS), as is already the case with Cell Broadcast today. 

The experience with Cell Broadcast, which was tested for the first time last year, was also much more positive. This involves push messages being sent to mobile phones. 75% of the population received this message. As a conclusion, it can be said that the combination of Cell Broadcast, warning apps and sirens have turned out to be the most important primary warning tools.

Warntag 2023: Es heulten deutlich mehr Sirenen