A total of 130 siren sites in the district of Saarlouis are being modernised and renewed by our Saarbrücken branch. This is to create a uniform, area-wide siren warning system throughout the district. "As the lower disaster control authority, we take our task very seriously. In the event of a crisis, it must be ensured that the population is warned quickly and at every location," explains District Administrator Patrik Lauer in a press release. Steven O'Neal, Head of the Department of Safety and Order, adds: "Depending on the scenario, mobile phone or power networks can collapse, and we have to be prepared for that. For this reason, we are in the midst of quickly ensuring an area-wide siren warning system for the Saarlouis district as well." The first electronic sirens, ECN 600-D and ECN 1200-D models, are to be installed this year.

New siren warning system for the district of Saarlouis