Kirchseeon, 11 April 2024 - HÖRMANN Warnsysteme has been a member of the German Fire Service Association's Sponsors' Circle since March 2024. At the members' meeting in Berlin, DFV President Karl-Heinz Banse and Federal Managing Director Rudolf Römer officially presented HÖRMANN Warnsysteme Managing Director Anna Hörmann with the certificate of sponsoring membership.

The DFV represents the interests of the entire German fire service. HÖRMANN Warnsysteme is one of the leading manufacturers of siren warning systems in Germany. With over 65 years of company history, the company is considered a pioneer in the development of electronic sirens. Participation in important committees is a matter of course for the company, which develops and manufactures its siren warning systems entirely in Germany.

"Warning the population is an important aspect of disaster control. Sirens play an indispensable role in the warning system mix. In addition, many members of volunteer fire brigades are also alerted via sirens," says Anna Hörmann. "For us, membership of the DFV Sponsors' Association is a logical step towards supporting and advancing disaster control in Germany with our expertise in the field of sirens." The members of the Sponsors' Association support the association's work at national and international level with their contributions. "We are delighted that with Hörmann Warnsysteme we now also have a committed company from the important field of warning the population on our advisory board and support group. Especially in these times, when we all have to react with concern to the challenges of climate change and also in view of Russia's war of aggression against Ukraine. Timely and effective warning is a task for society as a whole," explains DFV President Karl-Heinz Banse. 

Picture from left to right:

Rudolf Römer (DFV Federal Managing Director), Anna Hörmann (Managing Director HÖRMANN Warnsysteme), Karl-Heinz Banse (DFV President) DFV President Karl-Heinz Banse. 

Managing Director Anna Hörmann accepts the DFV membership certificate