Germany, Kirchseeon, April 20, 2021 - Haiti is a country extremely exposed to natural disasters. Therefore a siren warning system has now been installed to protect the public. In future, twelve powerful electronic sirens made and supplied by HÖRMANN Warnsysteme will warn people in good time and reliably of natural disasters. The company, based near to Munich, Germany, is a leading global manufacturer and full service provider of siren warning systems "Made in Germany" and won the contract due to its long experience in successfully realizing such projects.

The severe earthquake in Haiti in 2010 cost an estimated 300,000 lives and is still leaving its mark. Hurricanes, floods and further earthquakes also caused major damage in the years that followed. The Caribbean state is situated over two tectonic plates and also in an area often being hit by hurricanes. With the support of the UNDP (United Nations Development Program), a siren warning system has now been installed to protect the population. It warns the population in good time and enables people to stay safe and prepared.

Together with the local partner, GENINOV GROUP, twelve ECN1200-D electronic sirens, each with 1200 watts of power (115 dB(A)/30m), were installed at selected locations. The sirens not only broadcast the familiar alarm tones, but can also transmit live announcements and recorded voice information like a loudspeaker. In addition, the sirens had to function independently of the power grid, as this is often the first to break down in disaster situations. The outdoor sirens from HÖRMANN Warnsysteme are battery-powered. In combination with solar panels, this ensures that the sirens are reliably triggered in any case. It is precisely this independence from electricity or mobile phone networks that speaks in favour of the electronic siren as a means of warning and notification.

HÖRMANN Warnsysteme was chosen as the supplier of the siren warning system because of its many years of experience in such projects in combination with its close and long-term relationship with its local partners. This is reflected in the comprehensive support already provided during the planning and development of the appropriate system, as well as in the subsequent installation, commissioning and training. A special requirement of the Haitian authorities was that the masts and mountings be designed so that the sirens could withstand wind speeds of 260 km/h. HÖRMANN Warnsysteme could draw on expertise from a number of completed projects in hurricane or cyclone endangered areas.