5 November is World Tsunami Awareness Day again. 

Tsunamis concern us all - 700 million people worldwide are exposed to the danger of tsunamis. Even though the greatest danger is in the Pacific region, tsunamis can occur anywhere in the world. The gigantic waves have enormous destructive potential and often claim many lives. According to calculations by the Tsunami Evaluation Coalition, 275,000 people died in 14 countries in December 2004 alone when an earthquake west of Sumatra triggered a tsunami. Reducing the danger to people from tsunamis by improving early warning, infrastructure measures and educating the population is a concern of the UNDRR.

Research is constantly working to improve early warning systems and to warn all people at risk in good time. Time is a decisive factor here. In some places, only a few minutes remain after the triggering event. 

Siren warning systems play an important role in warning of tsunamis. HÖRMANN Warnsysteme can draw on many years of experience from a large number of tsunami siren warning systems realised worldwide.

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World Tsunami Awareness Day 2023