Germany, Kirchseeon, March 30, 2022 - In June 2022 (20 to 25.6.22), INTERSCHUTZ will open its doors again in Hanover, Germany, after a break of several years due to the pandemic. In Hall 17, Stand E24, HÖRMANN Warnsysteme will focus on sirens for the siren promotion program in Germany as well as the integration of electronic sirens into modern communication infrastructures, e.g. based on TETRA.

Seven years ago, the last INTERSCHUTZ took place, the leading international trade fair for fire protection, disaster control, rescue and safety. It will finally be back in June 2022. As the market leader for siren warning systems, HÖRMANN Warnsysteme will of course be there again.

The changed threat situation, on the one hand due to climate-related natural events such as floods and inundations, and on the other hand due to the threat to world peace, has once again highlighted the importance of sirens as the first means of warning. With its siren funding program, the federal government of Germany supports municipalities in order to promote the reconstruction of a nationwide siren warning system. Many cities and municipalities had dismantled sirens or continued to operate the existing technically obsolete systems but had not modernized them. The aim is now to establish a nationwide siren warning system throughout Germany.

For HÖRMANN Warnsysteme, INTERSCHUTZ is therefore all about the siren promotion program. With over 60 years of experience, the market leader for siren warning systems is the first point of contact for local authorities and civil defence officials. The experts will demonstrate the electronic sirens suitable for the promotion program and support those responsible in planning a nationwide siren warning system.

Another focus of the trade fair presentation is the integration of electronic sirens into radio-based communication infrastructures such as TETRA and the BOS digital radio. HÖRMANN Warnsysteme is at the forefront when it comes to the further development of future-oriented solutions for siren alerting and is actively involved in the relevant expert committees.

International visitors will find individual solutions for disaster warning at HÖRMANN Warnsysteme, be it for warning the population of tsunamis, flooding or industrial accidents as well as for city- or country-wide warning systems based on electronic sirens.