Reliable alerts via POCSAG

The DSE 170 siren remote control unit has been specially designed as an end device for BOS digital radio networks that exclusively use POCSAG for digital alerting. The evaluation takes place in accordance with TR BOS coding “Devices programmed for digital alerting”. All siren functions are controlled via a microcontroller, which is also responsible for decoding the POCSAG protocol. Thanks to its compact design, the digital siren remote control unit can be easily wall-mounted.

The DSE 170 model can also be used beyond its intended uses in the field of BOS, since alternative operation on other UHF frequencies between 430 MHz and 470 MHz is also possible. Our DSE 170 also has four relays for remote control purposes. This also makes the digital siren remote control unit relevant for industrial applications, for example to control traffic lights or gates. A fire alarm can be connected via an external input.

DSE 170 digital siren remote control unit for POCSAG

  • POCSAG standard in accordance with TR BOS
  • BOS test number 12/12
  • Alternative frequency can be set
  • Also suitable for other purposes, such as traffic light or gate control
  • 32 call addresses
  • Four relays as standard
  • Simple wall assembly

Digital siren remote control units data sheet

(in German)