Mobile electronic siren for vehicles for warning and announcements

The MOBELA 150-D is an individually usable mobile electronic siren or mobile siren system and is particularly suitable for use in cars and vans. It consists of a compact, easy-to-use control unit and a 360 ° all-round spherical speaker system. But the MOBELA 150-D is much more than an electronic mobile siren. Compared to conventional mobile siren systems that can only reproduce siren signals and warning tones, MOBELA offers the option of using a microphone to play back warnings and voice announcements. The texts are simply saved on an SD card, spoken directly into the microphone or transmitted by radio microphone. The MOBELA 150-D thus represents an effective, mobile warning device for warning and notification the public for all civil defense and civil protection authorities and organizations.

Product benefits:

  • quickly ready-to-use without assembly effort
  • powerful sound distribution on all sides and upwards
  • microphone for direct announcements and text recording
  • digital text recording and playback
  • four different siren signals
  • easy to use - simple and logical to operate
  • control unit can also be operated with gloves
  • checked by the state fire brigade school in Würzburg, Germany
  • already in use hundreds of times



  • mobile siren to supplement civil protection siren systems with stationary outdoor warning sirens
  • mobile system as warning system for industrial premises

Sound propagation horn loudspeaker

Mobile siren system with horn loudspeaker

Sound propagation spherical loudspeaker

Mobile siren with spherical loudspeaker

Description mobile siren MOBELA 150-D

The siren model Mobela 150-D is an individually usable mobile siren and is particularly suitable for use in cars and vans. The mobile siren system consists of a compact, easy-to-use control unit and an all-round radiating special spherical speaker system. Commissioning does not require any assembly work and can be done by one person within a very short time.

The control unit contains a 150 W power amplifier, a digital signal memory with 4 different siren signals and 8 freely talkable text memory locations, an AUX connection for external devices (radio, cassette, CD, radio, etc.) as well as a command microphone for text recording and for direct announcements. All function and connection elements are located on the front panel and are identified by easy-to-understand symbols. An internal control loudspeaker enables listening to stored alarm texts or programs imported via AUX regardless of the operation of the external loudspeaker. The power supply is supplied via the cigarette lighter or a standard on-board socket.


The spherical speaker is equipped with a high-performance pressure chamber system that develops a sound pressure of up to 126 dB / 1 m. The sound distribution works effectively and evenly on all sides and upwards via a reflector 360º horizontally / 270º vertically. In addition, the spherical shape represents an extremely low wind load when driving. The TÜV-tested magnetic plate ensures a secure hold on the vehicle roof (sheet steel) and allows a quick and assembly-free positioning. Feed-throughs for quick-release belts provide additional traffic safety, four screw fastening points enable stationary fixed installation. The spherical speaker is optionally available with an integrated double flash beacon (DIN 14620 yellow / blue).

Control unit technical data

Typ 150 D



Amplifier output:

150 w / 4 ohms

Frequency response:

50 Hz to 20 kHz

Power supply:

12 V, 16 A max.


Microphone 200 ohms, 2 mV

AUX 0.3–1 V

(Radio broadcasting, cassette, CD,

two-way radio, etc.)

Voice memory:

Storage time 8 x 120 sec.

Signal memory:

4 x up to 120 sec.


Operation, On/Off
Microphone direct announcements
Text recording via microphone and AUX

Internal/external text playback

External signal playback e.g.:
- Fire alarm 420 Hz, continuous tone 60 sec., 2 x interrupted
- Disaster alert 300/420 Hz, wailing sound 60 sec.
- All-clear 420 Hz, continuous tone 60 sec.
- Building evacuation DIN signal 33 404
- Chimes (2 and 3 tones)
- Special signal 300 Hz / 420 Hz alternating tone (siren)
- Infinitely variable voice playback
- Signal playback switchable in 3 stages

Typ 150 D/SDC

With SD card slot for transferring saved texts
to SD card (WAVE format)

Typ 150 DA

Like type D/SDC, but with RDS radio/CD player
(CD/CDR/MP3/SD card/USB)

Typ 150 D-FuMi

Like type D/SDC, but with UHF radio receiver
incl. wireless hand-held microphone* and SD card slot

Typ 150 ZG

Additional device for type D/SDC with RDS radio/CD player
(CD/CDR/MP3/SD card/
USB) and UHF radio receiver
incl. wireless hand-held microphone*


Dimensions without carry handle:

B = 260 mm, T = 280 mm,
H (150 D) = 150 mm,
H (150 D/SDC) = 150 mm,
H (150 DA) = 250 mm
H (150 D-FuMi) = 250 mm
H (150 ZG) = 150 mm


2.5 kg


Aluminium alloy


Natural anodised  / beige

*The frequency used for the wireless microphone does not require registration and is not subject to fees.

Spherical loudspeaker technical data

Pressure chamber system 


Electrical output:

150 W max.
100 W continuous


Acoustic output:

126 dB / 1 m


Frequency response:

180 Hz - 7 kHz



8 - 11 ohms



8 kg


Housing dimensions:

H = 300 mm, sphere = 254 mm diameter, reverberator = 382 mm diameter


Polystyrene (impact resistant)


White, can be painted (all RAL colours as an option)


Magnetic plate 260 x 260 x 2 mm, TÜV-approved, suitable for car roof surfaces made of smooth-surfaced sheet steel.
Feedthroughs for quick-release belts as additional means of attachment.
Four screw fixing points for permanent mounting.


MOBELA 150-D mobile siren accessories

The following accessories are available as options:

  • Aluminium storage container
    With hinged lid and side carry handles
    Including protective lining
  • LED double-flash light on spherical loudspeaker
    Very bright flashing light from the latest LED generation in accordance with DIN 14620
    available in blue and yellow
  • Loudspeaker tripod mount
    For placing the spherical loudspeaker on tripods in accordance with DIN 14683
  • Loudspeaker attachment with vacuum cup
    For mounting the spherical loudspeaker on smooth, non-magnetic surfaces
  • Custom painting of the spherical loudspeaker
    E.g. in RAL 3000 (Flame red)
  • Power station 12 V / 17 Ah
    For operating the MOBELA without a vehicle power supply
  • Internal mains adapter for 24 V operation
    For operating the MOBELA with a 24 V power supply
  • Spherical loudspeaker (single)
    Single loudspeaker as a replacement or substitute for an existing loudspeaker
  • Warranty extension


Technical data

Mobela Mobile Sirene data sheet

(in German)